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Dani Kasembe Bindariye was born in 1989 in the village of Kaminula, Mpanda District, in the region formerly known as Rukwa, – now known as KATAVI region.
His father Musanikera David and his mother Nimpaye Peragie raised him despite the problems he had during his birth, weighing more than six kilograms, at Kaminula dispensary of that village on 11 road side B area.

Dani Kasembe got older and studied at KAMINULA Primary School and graduated Seventh Grade with good marks that would have enabled him to study Secondary Education. But he was not selected to join Secondary School in a public school. He was picked up by a private member of the Katumba Rehabilition Center for the Disabled, owned by Europeans, on a stretcher because he had problems with his foot. Eventually, the Center will have to teach in its private school Secondary Education and College as well.

After graduation, Dani Kasembe worked to establish an independent project in the field of Painting.
Dani Kasembe liked the VOA Swahili broadcaster, named Danifodi Kasembe.  His friends wanted to call him Dani Kasembe as he was originally known as Dani Daudi.
Dani Kasembe educated himself in the Sculpture profession and was loved by so many admirers that they invited him to paint in their homes and to paint different art in different colors. When his name began to rise, he set up a work office for painting in the market. As he did not feel like working alone, he taught unemployed youth for days, months and years afterwards and decided to hold various sessions with parents with disabled children who failed to qualify for Basic Education or High School to discuss and teach about this project of painting. Many loved it and established an unique class.
Although the lack of equipment and the study area situation was difficult, the whole project was successful, when the young men completed the painting work. They had to put them together in order to work together. They formed an association. So far it is known in the collectors‘ world as ART IN LIFE. Many of the problems that we face include tools, a comprehensive learning component, as there are many young people who need training.

Although Dani is a handicapped person he especially tries to teach those handicapped like him, orphans, widows, albinos, and others with various disorders to fulfill their visions.
Artist Dani Kasembe has trained many young people and led a successful life. His specific goal is to believe that professions fix the lost strategy.
All they need is a place for the work of the organization so that they can make a lasting impression, like a museum or a school of art for the disabled.
So far Dani Kasembe has continued in the profession, and art is his life.

Dani Kasembe received an award for the good integration of disabled people in the craft.

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